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Pricing for 100% Botanical Terpenes

Wholesale Terpenes

Terpene Wholesalers keeps the playing field level by offering bulk terpene and wholesale terpene pricing to any and every size manufacturer and distributor.

In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace wholesale terpene pricing is imperative to give your company the edge it needs to guarantee the greatest return on your investment. We want your business and will work hard to get it.

Give us a call, txt or email to find out how we can work together to make your business grow by offering real wholesale terpene pricing to your organization. We accept cash, wires and credit cards.

Bulk Terpenes

We take a different approach by being as transparent as possible, and by posting wholesale prices set to rock bottom levels right on our website.

You will find even lower prices at some of our competitors. But there is a get what you pay for element in our industry. Also, we do not dilute or blend any synthetic terpenes into our product. We only sell food grade 100% botanical terpenes.

If you are new to the biz, then get samples from a few different sources. But if you are an experienced terpene buyer you will smell and taste the difference immediately. We are a re-order and referral based business with excellent references and a prime supplier to many major distributors..

Botanical Pricing

*Plus Shipping

2 ml  x  $5.00 ml = $10
10 ml x  $4.00 ml = $40
30 ml  x  $3.33 ml = $100
100 ml  x  $2.50 ml = $250
250 ml  x  $2.25 ml = $562

500 ml  x  $1.75 ml = $875
1000 ml  x  $1.50 ml = $1,500
10 liters  x  $1.10 ml = $11,000
50 liters  x  $0.90 ml = $45,000
100 liters  x  $0.80 ml = $80,000

Bulk & Wholesale Terpenes
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