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At Terpene Wholesalers we have over 100 strain specific blends that closely reflect the same smell and vibe that you would get from the actual strain. Creating strain specific blends is a combination of art and science. Our  chemists are passionate about the creation of terpene blends.

While the science and ratio of isolates is important, there is a human element that must also exist to create a blend that captures not only the essence of the original smell but the imagination as well. Seven years of R&D and ongoing experimentation guarantees that your customers will be happy and wanting more of your brand.

Terpenes and Edibles: The Flavorful Fusion for a Sensory Adventure

In the realm of cannabis consumption, terpenes and edibles have emerged as a tantalizing duo, captivating both enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Combining the aromatic compounds known as terpenes with the delectable world of edibles creates a sensory adventure like no other. In this blog post, we delve into the captivating fusion of terpenes and edibles, uncovering the remarkable potential it holds for enhancing both flavor and experience.

Exploring the Synergy
Terpenes, the organic compounds responsible for the diverse scents and flavors found in cannabis, possess incredible potential to elevate the taste and overall effect of edibles. By skillfully incorporating specific terpenes into edible creations, artisans can unlock a plethora of unique experiences. Whether it’s the citrusy zest of limonene, the calming embrace of linalool, or the refreshing essence of pinene, each terpene brings a distinctive personality to the table.

Enhanced Flavor and Aroma
Terpenes lend their mesmerizing fragrance and taste to edibles, transforming them from mere treats to gourmet delights. Imagine biting into a delectable THC-infused chocolate infused with myrcene, enveloping your senses in a blissful fusion of rich cocoa and tropical vibes. Such experiences are made possible by the synergy between terpenes and edibles, offering a feast for both the palate and the mind.

Amplifying the Entourage Effect
Beyond the realm of taste, the combination of terpenes and edibles can heighten the entourage effect. This phenomenon occurs when the diverse compounds in cannabis, including cannabinoids and terpenes, interact synergistically to produce a more profound and balanced experience. By thoughtfully pairing specific terpenes with edibles, users can tailor their consumption to achieve desired effects, be it relaxation, focus, or creativity.

Terpenes and edibles, when brought together, create a symphony of flavors and effects that cater to both the discerning taste buds and the cannabis connoisseur’s desires. From tantalizing treats to potent creations, the marriage of terpenes and edibles opens up a world of possibilities for culinary enthusiasts and cannabis enthusiasts alike. Explore the captivating fusion and embark on a sensory adventure that is as delightful as it is unforgettable.


Enhancing Vape Cartridges with Botanical Terpenes

In the realm of vape cartridges, botanical terpenes have emerged as a game-changing ingredient, elevating the vaping experience to unprecedented heights. These natural compounds, extracted from various plants, offer an array of benefits that go beyond mere flavoring. In this essay, we delve into the captivating world of botanical terpenes and explore how their integration enhances vape cartridges, all while optimizing SEO value for Google search rankings.

Unleashing the Power of Aromatherapy
Botanical terpenes open up a realm of sensory delight by infusing vape cartridges with enticing aromas. Users can savor the soothing scents of lavender, the invigorating notes of citrus, or the calming embrace of chamomile. By incorporating these natural fragrances, vape cartridges transform into more than just nicotine delivery systems, but rather vessels for personal relaxation and enjoyment.

Customization to Suit Every Palate
Terpenes provide an avenue for endless customization, allowing users to curate their vape experience to their unique preferences. With a vast selection of botanical terpenes available, from fruity to floral to herbal, vapers can explore and discover their ideal flavor profiles. This versatility ensures that vape cartridges can cater to a broad range of tastes, captivating a wider audience and enhancing user satisfaction.

Potential Therapeutic Benefits
Beyond their aromatic allure, botanical terpenes boast potential therapeutic properties. Research suggests that certain terpenes, such as linalool found in lavender, possess calming and anxiety-reducing effects. By incorporating these terpenes into vape cartridges, users may experience an added layer of relaxation, potentially promoting overall well-being.

Natural and Organic Appeal
In an era where consumers increasingly seek natural and organic products, vape cartridges infused with botanical terpenes align with these preferences. The use of naturally derived terpenes enhances the appeal of vape cartridges, offering a safer alternative to artificial flavorings. This natural appeal not only caters to health-conscious individuals but also supports sustainable and eco-friendly choices.


The integration of botanical terpenes in vape cartridges revolutionizes the vaping landscape, providing an immersive sensory experience and offering customization like never before. By harnessing the power of nature, these terpenes offer enticing flavors, potential therapeutic benefits, and an organic appeal.


Alien Dog
Animal Mints
Banana OG
Berry White
Blue Power
Blueberry Afgoo
Bruce Banner
Cherry Kush
Crunch Berry Kush
Forbidden Fruit
Girl Scout Cookies
Gods Gift
Grapefruit Kush

King Louis XIII
Kosher Kush
Larry OG
Mango Kush
OG Kush
Orange Cookies
Platinum Cookies
Sin Mint Cookies
Wedding Cake
White Fire OG

Blue Dream
Bubblegum OG
Cereal Milk
Golden Berry
Golden Berry
Gorilla Glue
Grape Stomper
Lemon OG

Maui Wowie
Sour Diesel
Tropicana Cookies
White Widow



Animal Cookies
Apple Fritter
Blueberry Haze
Cookies N Cream
Fruity Pebbles
Garlic Breath
Gelato #33

Jet Fuel
Kush Mints
Lemon Alien Dawg
Lemon Berry
Lemon Slushy
Mai Tai
Orange Daiquiri
Skywalker OG
Sundae Driver
Sunset Sherbert
Uk Cheese
Wedding Crasher

Blackberry Kush
Blueberry Kush
Cheeta Piss
Diablo OG
Diamond OG
Fire OG
Granddaddy Purple
Grape Ape
Grape Pie
Hardcore OG

Hindu Kush
Mars OG
Master Kush
Northern Lights
Orange Kush
Pink Panties
Platinum OG
Purple Punch



Berry Gelato
Durban Poison
Green Crack
Hella Jelly
Jack Herer
Pineapple Express
Sour Skittlez
Sour Tangie
Strawberry Cough
Super Lemon
Super Silver

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